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Book Your Pass Today & Save £100! 46 Corporate & Charity Leaders Delve Into Their Experiences, Insights & Innovations To Build High-Performing Mutually-Beneficial Partnerships With Value-Driven Purpose Alignment!

Unlock Shared Purpose & Cut-Through With Savvy Innovations & Mutually-Beneficial Strategies To Thrive In The Fast-Evolving Fundraising Landscape: New Strategic, Agile & High-Impact Corporate Charity Partnerships. Align Behind Common Goals For Long-Term Relationships To Boost Your Impact & Organisational Success • Drive Innovative Fundraising & Mutually-Beneficial Collaborations With Effective Charity Branding & Employee Engagement In The Hybrid Workspace • Align Values & Purpose To Generate Thriving Identities For Sustainability & Levelling Up.

9th Annual, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 12th October 2022, Central London, 10 Union Street, Institute of Obstracians and Gynacology. Send 4 For 3! No Visa Needed From Most EU Countries - Find Out More.

46 Corporate & Charity Leaders Delve Into Their Experiences, Insights & Innovations To Build High-Performing Mutually-Beneficial Partnerships With Value-Driven Purpose Alignment, Effective Hybrid Employee Engagement Strategies & Successful Fundraising For Long-Term, Partnerships Which Bring About Real Change

  1. Win-Win, Passionate, Mutually- Beneficial Partnerships! Share your talents and capacities to progress and thrive together around common causes
  2. Engaging Employees Wherever They Are: Connect people and causes in a hybrid world and revitalise your engagement events and fundraising activities
  3. Aligning Purposes For Winning Partnerships: How can you best sing from the same hymn sheet for harmonious partnerships driven by shared causes?
  4. Innovative & Impactful Fundraising Strategies: Reignite the fundraising spark when budgets are tight and many traditional methods have been disrupted post-pandemic
  5. How Are Corporates Defining Purpose, ESG & CSR Goals? In a cause-driven society, how can corporates clearly define visions and values that make sense?
  6. Practice Makes Pitch-Perfect: Direct corporate feedback on charity pitches… how can charities stand out from the crowd?
  7. Purpose Spotlights… From Sustainability To Social Impact: The day-to-day of how organisations are forging successful partnerships driven by common goals
  8. Building A Successful Charity Brand Image: Cultivate clear and compelling narratives around your charity purpose, goals and cause to increase engagement and support
  9. Resilient, Fit-For-Future Partnerships: Advice and practical methods to continuously check in with partners and update strategies to remain relevant to each other and in the current, changing climate

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Why Attend This Strategic Win-Win Corporate Charity Partnership Conference?

  • 9 Years Of Industry-Leading Insights & Networking Opportunities
  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up! Including 45 Corporate & Charity Leaders & Many More
  • 5 Interactive Panels:
    A) Success In Hybrid Workspaces – New!
    B) Corporate Purpose
    C) Charity Brand Value
    D) Pitching Practice – Back Live!
    E) Fit-For-The-Future Partnerships
  • 6 Facilitated Peer Discussion Breakouts
    A) Volunteering & Skill Sharing
    B) Fundraising & Payroll Giving
    C) Innovative Thinking
    D) Overcoming Barriers To Innovation
    E) Cause-Related Marketing
    F) Digital Employee Engagement
  • Dedicated Peer Sharing & Networking In-Person!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

46 Corporate & Chartity Leaders Offer Powerful, Practical & Inspiring Case Studies In 1 Day! Mutually-Beneficial Partnerships • Success In A Hybrid World • Aligning Purpose • Corporate Values & Objectives • Fundraising Innovations • Pitching Panel • Sustainability & Climate Progress • Fit-For-Future Partnering • Social Justice • Charity Brand Value

Unlock Shared Purpose & Cut-Through With Savvy Innovations & Mutually-Beneficial Strategies To Thrive In The Fast-Evolving Fundraising Landscape & PropelStrategic, Agile & High-Impact Corporate Charity Partnerships. Align Behind Common Goals For Long-Term Relationships To Boost Your Impact & Organisational Success • Drive Innovative Fundraising & Mutually-Beneficial Collaborations With Effective Charity Branding & Employee Engagement In The Hybrid Workspace • Align Values & Purpose To Generate Thriving Identities For Sustainability & Levelling Up.

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 12th October 2022, Central London. Group Discounts Available - Send 4 For 3!

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09:00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Michael Duncan, Head of Giving Strategy & Programmes, NatWest Group

Sinéad Donogue, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Alzheimer’s Society


09:10 Grow Together: Share & Exchange Your Passion, Talent & Capabilities Strategically To Achieve Long-Term, Win-Win Corporate-Charity Partnerships

• Shape partnerships around strategic objectives and long-term vision to make sustainable improvements with real, tangible impact
• Deepen your pro-bono ties: share talents and develop skills-based volunteering opportunities to resolve organisational challenges, engage employees, expand your activities and increase the efficiency and outcomes of your partnership
• Tap into the hearts and minds of your stakeholders to reset and re-evaluate goals as time goes on for long-lasting, always-relevant initiatives with a legacy of success
• Seeking out synergies: strategically target government bodies, third-party allies, and commercial stakeholders to maximise the purchase and impact of your initiatives

9:10 Sarah Dayananda, Social Impact Manager, John Lewis Partnership

Claire Marshall, Assistant Director of Fundraising & Supporter Engagement, Home-Start UK

9:30 Stacie June Shelton, Global Head of Education & Advocacy, Dove Self-Esteem Project, Unilever

Maha Tauseef, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Unicef UK


09:50 How Can We Engage Employees To Unlock & Harness The Energy & Appetite For Charity In A Place-Agnostic Working World?

• What do your employees care about? How to create storylines, narratives, communications and goals which truly resonate with your colleagues and increase participation and giving
• It’s been too long! Bring remote-working colleagues together through social purpose with fresh partnership events that spread the love again
• Best tips and ideas on digital and hybrid or virtual event production: run activities that engage every employee and optimise experience without a prohibitive use of resources?
• Visibility in a fragmented social scene: how can you create emotional engagement, and promote active participation and connectivity beyond face-to-face interaction?

Nicola Oritis, Head of Communities, Sky

Louise Bittleston, Corporate & Community Fundraising Manager, WWF-UK

Jane Boulton, Zurich Cares UK Manager, Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited

Richard Lee, Director of Fundraising, Crisis

Louisa Minter-Kemp Senior Corporate, Sustainability & Communications Executive, Schroders

Svenja Duppenbecker, Community & Charity Partnerships Manager, Heathrow


10:20 Spark & Develop Purpose-Driven Partnerships Which Align Behind Shared Charity Missions & Corporate Causes For Truly Transformational Initiatives & Partnerships That Accelerate Progress

• When sharing funds and resources, how are corporates aligning with charity partners behind a common goal to deliver practically on their values?
• Purpose partnerships with pep: tell your story creatively and strike emotional chords to raise your partnership profiles and drive fundraising
• As resident experts in their field, how can charity partners best support and fulfil corporates’ ESG and CSR goals – and benefit from their expanded reach to win over new supporters?
• Explore cause-related marketing opportunities to boost revenue, win new consumers and drive change

Jo Warner, Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility & ESG, Asda

Joanna Stewart, Director of Fundraising, CoppaFeel!

Lizzie Iredale, Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships & Engagement, Breast Cancer Now

10.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.10 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11:40 Re-Purpose Your Values For An Era Of Corporate Social Responsibility & Target Synergies In Your Third-Sector Relationships To Propel Change For Common Causes

• Reviving your raison d'être? How corporates are unlocking values, building their business vision and targeting charity partners selectively to live and breathe their goals
• Steps to success: establish the objectives and inspiring narratives that can secure engagement internally and externally around transformative corporate purpose
• The Gen-Z factor: with younger generations choosing jobs based on values, how can we set out what keeps the business relevant now and highlight company ethics during recruitment
• How can CSR and ESG teams raise awareness of third sector insights with internal stakeholders and further appeal to leadership on impact strategy?
• Purpose-driven alliances? Which charity partnerships big and small can unlock business challenges, bolster social initiatives, and propel success within well-honed ESG agendas?

Chelsea Wroe, Head of Sustainability, Heineken UK

Katie Osiadacz, Head of Responsible Business (Interim), TSB Bank

Craig Hall, Head of Corporate Charity Partnerships, Fujitsu (UK & Ireland)

Annabel Barratt, Senior Manager, Social Purpose, ITV

Jenny Pidgeon, Head of Sustainability & Social Innovation, Danone (UK & Ireland)


12:10 From Fragmented To New Friends & Fellowship: Raise The Cheer & With Fresh Approaches To Funding

• From inside the room to outside the box: invest in your long-term partners and capitalise on those deep relationships as a breeding ground for innovative schemes to boost giving
• Expand your fundraising landscape with promising digital avenues and newly responsive demographics to rally fresh support, boost revenue and chart your route to a resilient future
• Fundraising fatigue? Focus on the ‘why’ again… ignite appetite for involvement with creative messaging, plus exciting and inclusive experiences to engage your colleagues and communities in a diversity of giving opportunities
• Cut through the noise with immersive experiences: heed attention and empathy where they are most needed to boost fundraising figures

Amal Gomersal, Senior Vice President, Community Development, EMEA, Citi

Francesca Henbest, Corporate Partnerships Lead, International Rescue Committee

12.30 Morning Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

12.40 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.10 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Volunteering & Skill Sharing

Amy Whidburn, Group Head of Social Value, Pets at Home 

Amy Angus, Group Charity & Community Manager, Pets at Home Foundation

B) Fundraising & Payroll Giving

James Jackson, Head of Corporate Partnerships, RSPCA

C)  Innovative Thinking

Gordon Craig, Director of Fundraising, Epilepsy Society

D)  Overcoming Barriers To Innovation

Rachel Johnson, Senior Community Engagement Manager, HS2 (High Speed Two) Ltd

E)  Cause-Related Marketing

Andrew Hunter, Senior Manager – Account Management, Age UK

F)  Digital Employee Engagement

Afe Komolafe, Engagement Lead, Transport for London

13.40 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks, Including Brand New Peer-To-Peer Interactive Plenary

Jack Roper, Group Head of Sustainability, Legal & General


14:00 The Nuts & Bolts Of Pitching Post-COVID: What Do Corporates Really Want From A Partnership? Live Charity Pitches To Corporate Judges

• As partnerships are frequently being extended, how do you differentiate to stand out from the crowd?
• Understand your audience! Tips to understand company visions and goals, team structures and accurately identify prospects
• How to secure your first meeting and engage them from the get-go!
• Virtual pitching 101: adapt your live tactics to pitch effectively online
• What do you want to hear? From storytelling, to reciprocal offers, to hard facts and figures – what is going to sell this partnership internally?
• Slick presentations can be created on a budget – but how?

Natasha Kwakwa, Global Head, Community Programmes & Impact, Group Sustainability, Standard Chartered

Jules Chalmers, Head of Aēsop Foundation, Aēsop

Laura York, Community Charity Manager, Dunelm

Yunus Bham, Senior Manager, Partnership Development, Barnardo's


14:30 Pride & Practice: Extend Sustainability As A Core & Active Element Of Corporate & Third-Sector Day-To-Day Operations

• Adopt impact measurements in your charity work and initiatives to ride the ESG wave in corporates and energise partnerships around sustainable development goals
• Steering clear of green washing: where authentic partnering is bringing tangible benefits in the fight to safeguard the climate, the environment and biodiversity
• Circular economy? How cause related marketing, reuse cases and more are mobilising the public appetite and accelerating progress towards sustainable futures

Rob McCann, Head of Environment, Climate & Nature, Virgin Media O2

Emily Watson, Senior Creative Partner, Hubbub


14:50 Embrace The Evolution Of Digital, Hybrid Working & The Momentum Of Deeply-Held Causes To Build Resilience & Continuity In Your Partnerships For Long-Term Success

• What is the recipe for successful, long-term relationships to unlock strategic objectives, sustainable development and leave a legacy of impact and change?
• Digital gains: harness the demographics coming of age online to foster participation and giving in this space and lay roots throughout this new social landscape
• Is inclusivity a central pillar of your charitable activities? How can you ensure your activities are truly open and welcoming to all and encourage people to take part on their own terms?
• Position your organisation and activities with an awareness of community needs to thrive within the Social Value Act and government funding initiatives

Fiona Baxter, Giving Strategy & Programmes Manager, Sustainable Banking, Natwest Group

Hugo Sintes, Director of Corporate Partnerships, The Big Issue Foundation

Emma Williams, Associate Director of Fundraising (Acting), RNIB

Catherine Townson, Senior Partnership Manager, Save the Children UK

15.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16:20 Renew Excitement In Corporate Values With A Fresh Identity Around ESG Objectives To Inspire Real Change With Your Partnership Journey

• How can corporates pivot from traditional philanthropic ties towards proactive purpose-driven partnerships forged and fired by ESG values?
• Not just for show: drive genuine action and levelling up, not a lip-service agenda, and fix social change targets firmly into your partnership vision
• Kindle the fire in the belly of your community and welcome colleagues into the fold to develop partnerships which resonate with them

Nadia Al Yafai, Head of Mutuality & Impact (Purpose Lead), Royal London

Zoe Stanton, Chief Executive Officer, Year Here


16:40 Tailor Your Corporate Appeal With Compelling Hooks & Gripping Cases For Investment That Speak Straight To The Heart Of Your Targeted Partnerships & Optimise Your Reach With Stakeholders & The Public

• Strike emotive appeals in internal and external comms, communicate clear social and environmental achievements and targets, and build brands with heart and impact
• With increasing social responsibility resting upon corporates, understand where charity brands and missions align to corporate purpose and hone your energies to maximise these narratives
• Share your reach! With cause-related marketing and other innovations, know the value of your brands, your public appeal and the commercial opportunities you can afford each other in partnership

Martin Wayman, Group Head of Corporate Responsibility, FirstGroup plc

Katie Cartwright, Senior Partnership Development Manager, Teenage Cancer Trust

Stephanie Bagworth, Senior Head - Corporate Partnerships, The Prince’s Trust

Trevor Reid, Director of Fundraising & Innovations, Meningitis Now

17.10 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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