WIN-WIN! Drive Mutually-Beneficial, Engaging Partnerships That Deliver Real, Long Lasting Results & Thrive Amidst Economic Uncertainty With

New Challenges & Innovations For Strategic, Resilient & High-Impact Corporate Charity Partnerships

08.30 – 09.00 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 – 09.10 GIC Welcome & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks 

Building Resilient Partnerships During The Cost Of Living Crisis

Double Perspective

09.10 How To Drive Partnership Success & Promote Continual Growth During Times Of Crisis

  • What are the characteristics of a resilient partnership?
  • What daring ideas and strategies have partnerships implemented to overcome the challenges of the cost of living crisis?
  • How can skills sharing and volunteering programmes offer deep value to partnerships?
  • Defining success differently – moving away from a transactional partnership model

09.10 Isabel Oliveira, Sustainability Manager, Santander UK Plc

Nicki Gibson, Senior Corporate Partnership Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support

09.30 Niki Ward, Senior Program Manager, Amazon in the Community, Amazon

Fiona Wolstenholme, Senior Partnerships Manager – Amazon European Lead, Save the Children UK

Employee Engagement In A New Era

Panel Q&A

09.50 Reach & Engage Employees Wherever They Are & Embed Partnerships Across The Business With Innovative Strategies That Win Employees’ Hearts & Minds In A New Age Of Work

  • With cost-of-living impacting employees across businesses, what innovative tactics can keep employees engaged in charity programmes when times are tough?
  • Hybrid events are great for mass participation, but what steps can ensure that these translate into demonstrable value?
  • How can partnerships and social value projects be utilised to develop social cohesion across teams?
  • How can we ensure employees are switched on and engaged with partnerships when working in a hybrid or remote manner?

Laura York, Community Charity Manager, Dunelm

Sarah Bissell, Deputy Director of Relationship Fundraising, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

Andy Button-Stephens, Head of the Barratt Foundation, The Barratt Foundation

Matthew Case, Head of Brand (Bar+Block), Whitbread PLC

Partnership Journeys In Practice ​

New Innovations

Case Study

10.20 Deliver Win-Win Partnerships In Challenging Times Through Innovation, Collaboration & Shared Values In Common Causes

  • How can partnerships build in the resilience and agility needed to react to external forces, and still achieve and exceed partnership objectives?
  • Ensure that values are aligned behind common goals and that all parties are moving in the same direction
  • Not everything goes to plan! How can partnerships collaborate effectively to right the ship when external forces lead to unexpected challenges?

Catrin Hale, Group Social Impact Manager, Currys plc

Elizabeth Anderson, COO, Digital Poverty Alliance

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking 

11.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Insider Corporate Insights: Values & Obstacles

Panel Q&A

11.40 – Align Values, Overcome Obstacles & Harness Your Corporate Purpose For Resilient Relationships With Partners & Long-Term Social Impact

  • More than just a values match! What are the key drivers that inspire a corporate to instigate a strategic partner with a charity?
  • As the shift from CSR to ESG continues, how can charities adapt to fit shifting values without losing their core message and priorities?
  • How can partnerships and social values be harnessed to inspire and engage Gen Z customers and colleagues?
  • What messaging strategies can charities implement to attract corporate attention and truly stand out compared to other worthy causes?

Chelsey Wroe, Head of Sustainability, Heineken UK

Ravi Masih, Society & ESG Lead, Severn Trent

Jeannet Lingán, Head of Foundation – The Compass Group Foundation, Compass Group PLC

Aalia Kazi, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Partner, Roche

Jo Curtis, Community Manager, B&Q

12.10 Your Questions Answered By Our Expert Panel 

Practical Breakout Peer Discussions

12.20 Deep Dive Into Key Issues In Strategic Partnerships, Hear Top Tips, Be Inspired & Share Innovations!

a) International Vs National Vs Local

Amal Gomersall, Senior Vice President, Community Relations EMEA, Citi

b) Advocacy Partnerships

Stuart McCallum, Partnership Research Executive, WWF-UK

c) Partnering With SME’s

Vicky Lake, Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager, Alzheimer’s Research UK

d) Contactless Fundraising

e) Digital Innovations

f) Charity Brand Value

12.40 Don’t Forget To Post Your Innovations, Ideas And Knowledge-Sharing On Our Dedicated Board!

Environment & Climate ​

Key Updates

12.45 – Harness The Power Of Partnerships To Bring Strategy to Life & Take Meaningful Action Against The Climate Crisis

  • How can charities showcase their expert knowledge around climate to fit corporate strategies and build meaningful partnerships based around shared values?
  • Harness cause-related marketing around climate to drive revenue and deliver real change
  • Planting trees is no longer enough! What innovative environmental initiatives can truly make an impact and avoid accusations of greenwashing

Sarah Giles, Head of Managed Partnerships, WWF-UK

Henrietta Stock, Senior Sustainability Manager – Carbon Accounting & Removals, Aviva

13.05 Morning Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

Failure Confessionals - Chatham House Rules​

New For 2023

13.35 It Isn’t All About Success! Redefine Failures & Difficulties As Opportunities For Growth With Our Partnership Experts


Victoria Rich, Corporate Partnerships Manager, The Royal British Legion

Emily Lever, Head of Corporate & Commercial Partnerships, Dogs Trust

Becky Read, Interim Deputy Head of Corporate (Development), Dogs Trust

14.05  Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Fundraising Innovations In New Landscapes​

Panel Q&A

14.15 Inspire Sky-High Fundraising Through Innovative Strategies That Overcome Fatigue & Build Resilient Funding Streams

  • With when times are tough, how can old-school fundraising and financial backing adapt and innovate to ensure success?
  • Overcome fatigue and truly showcase the why when it comes to donations and fundraising
  • How can partnerships find the right balance when it comes to pushing fundraising during the cost of living crisis and ensure maximum returns?
  • How can fundraisers truly think outside the box and explore every avenue when it comes to raising funds and go above and beyond?

Ben France, Head of Corporate Partnerships, The Royal British Legion    

Becky McKeown, Senior Partnerships Manager, Drinkaware

Pitching Panel ​

Live Feedback

14.45 Hear Live Feedback From Our Expert Corporate Panel On Charity Pitches & Their Insights On The Key Tips & Tricks To Ensure Pitch Success


Charlie Baxter, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Chance to Shine


Neil Fleming, Director, Financial Inclusion, Standard Chartered Bank

Natasha Jamal, Vice President, Social Impact – Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Mastercard

Chris Gasnier, Senior Communications Manager – Responsible Business, Three UK

15.15 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Volunteering & Skills Sharing

15.45 – Drive Mutually-Beneficial Results With Deep Impact Though Meaningful Volunteering Programmes

  • When time is more available than funds, how can partnerships ensure volunteering opportunities are delivering true value?
  • Showcase the value of skill sharing and deliver innovative initiatives that break the norm and deliver meaningful value across the partnership
  • As volunteering becomes more popular, how can charities increase capacity for volunteering opportunities and maximise its potential to deliver real change?

Lydia Butler, Ethics & Sustainability Specialist, John Lewis Partnership

Kate Warner, Project Manager & Trustee of The Golden Jubilee Trust, John Lewis Partnership

Mick Hubbard, Partner & Training Coordinator / Volunteer, John Lewis Partnership / MK Food Bank

16.05 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Measurement & Impact

16.35 – Effectively Measure Social Impact & ROI & Deliver Results For Charities & Corporates Alike

  • Outside of the pounds and pence, what key metrics showcase the true value and power of a partnership’s work?
  • How much is too much? Ensure measurement strategies are focusing on key targets and not creating unnecessary work?
  • How can partnerships collaborate effectively on the key objectives that matter to both parties and actions behind these?

Anna Cuskin, Social Impact Lead, Coventry Building Society

Neil Child-Dyer, Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager, Centrepoint

16.55 Innovations Round-Up: Our Chairs Share Some Of The Innovations Shared Throughout The Day From The Board, & Also Announce The Winner Of A Donation To Their Chosen Charity

Future Of Corporate Charity Partnerships​

Panel Q&A

17.00 – Ensure Partnerships Are Fit-For-The-Future & Embrace The Evolution Of Partnerships To Deliver Long-Term Value For All Parties

  • What key emerging trends are on the horizon for practitioners from both charities and corporates?
  • How can digital advances be effectively implemented to boost fundraising and engagement and increase partnership value, without breaking the bank?
  • As the nature of partnerships continue to evolve, what do both sides need to prioritise to maximise value and impact for both parties?

Myles Storey, Campaigns Manager – Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Virgin Media O2

Alex Fleming, Head of Business Development, The Prince’s Trust

Jess Phillimore, Fundraising & Corporate Partnerships Manager, FoodCycle


Richard Amos, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Samaritans

Liz Roche, Head of Foundation & Sustainable Business, Vodafone

Giorgia  Molinari, Head of Corporate & Games Partnerships, Autistica

Nicky O’Malley, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Global Action Plan

17.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference