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Practical Strategies For Charities Workshop: Approaching, Winning Over & Engaging Corporates: Post-Conference Workshop Day: 4th October

Consolidate your learning from the main conference day at this separately-bookable, dedicated charity post-conference workshop day on 4th October 2017

Practical Strategies For Charities Workshop Day: Approaching, Winning Over & Engaging Corporates.

09.15 Morning Coffee & Introductions; Chair’s Opening Remarks


09.45 Assessing The Do’s & Don’ts Of Contacting Corporates: Effective Preparation & Application Strategies To Maximise The Chances Of Success

  • Successfully navigating the application process: from the best time to approach corporates to how they like to be approached and what they specifically look for in applications, what makes the difference between success or failure?
  • Identifying the right partner for your organisation and exploring creative ideas for approaching corporates about a partnership: how can charities stand out?
  • What are corporates looking to get out of a charity partnership today compared to in the past?

Guest Speaker To Be Confirmed

10.30 Experience Sharing: What Works & What Doesn’t?

Short, informal group discussion and ideas sharing around tried and tested methods for successfully approaching corporates.

10.45 Coffee & Networking Break


11.15 Crafting Successful Pitching Strategies To Catch Attention & Secure Corporate Partnerships

  • Establishing practical, tried-and-tested pitching methods that grab the attention of corporate decision-makers and entice corporates into further discussing partnership opportunities
  • Standing out from the crowd with effective, creative pitching strategies and techniques: what is the essential content to include in a pitch?
  • Incorporating lessons learned from past pitches and partnerships to continually improve your strategy, drive success and secure future partnerships

Guest Speaker To Be Confirmed

12.00 Putting It Into Practice: Live Pitching Practical Exercise

Test out your pitching techniques and find what works in this informal practical exercise.

12.30 Lunch Break  

13.30 Chair’s Afternoon Remarks


13.45 Keeping Up With The Trends & Harnessing Creative Approaches To Drive Long-Term Corporate Engagement & Partnership Success 

  • What are the trends? Identifying the best activities and creative campaigns to engage your target audience, prevent partnership fatigue… and deliver results
  • Establishing shared goals and keeping them front of mind to ensure you remain aligned and keep your corporate partners engaged day-to-day
  • Utilising partnership milestones as you progress to refresh shared interest and help identify the next practical steps for both partners

Guest Speaker To Be Confirmed

14.30 Practical Focus: Toolkits For Engaging Corporates

Share best-practice tips and learnings around successfully engaging corporates.

14.45 Coffee & Networking Break


15.15 Next-Level Strategies For Creating Innovative Partnership Opportunities Which Keep Corporates Engaged & Achieve Your Objectives!

  • What are the first steps you should take when developing fundraising strategies with your corporate partner?
  • How can volunteering, skill-sharing and other activities still help meet your charity’s frontline mission objectives?
  • Maintaining the balance between fundraising and more skills-based volunteering: top tips for keeping corporates engaged with fundraising initiatives to ensure you still have the funds you need

Guest Speaker To Be Confirmed

16.00 Reflection & Review: Fundraising Experience Sharing

What works for you and what challenges have you faced? Short, informal group discussion consolidating the day’s key learnings and insights.

16.15 Close Of Workshop Day   

For more information on how to get involved in The Innovative, Win-Win Corporate Charity Partnerships Conference, please email info@partnershipsconference.com.